Mobile Marketing Watch: Two More True Tales

Written by Michael Whittington

November has been a heavy month for many. Parts of the United States are still recovering from the impact of Hurricane Sandy that struck in late October. Meanwhile, the holiday shopping season is on in full effect. Uncertain about what sort of recon I wanted my mobile marketing watch to do (recon-struction or recon-sumerism) I've decided to give my readers a little of both. We'll call it re-catharsis (it was funny and clever until I said that, now it's ruined. Just move on.) As an apology for that joke I'll focus on the lighter of the two subjects but I will append some serious at the bottom.

Like I do every year after adamantly saying I won't for weeks prior, I did a bit of Black Friday shopping. While looking for some new audio equipment for my band mates I wandered into that miscellaneous aisle. I was pierced by the staring eyes of products that didn't neatly fit into a specific category so in a desperate search for belonging they banded together like trashy kids at an Insane Clown Posse concert. Behind the metaphorical face paint I saw a familiar face. You're probably familiar with my shtick by now so you shouldn't be surprised when I reveal: it was a quick response code. Actually it was six of them, constructed with QR code generator software and folded up into a cube shape. Designed by Four Clowns Game and Toy Company, this is the Codigo Cube.

Just what is the Codigo Cube? An excuse for generating QR codes in mass quantities? Well, maybe. It is fun to do. However, the Codigo Code's true identity is that it's a game; and by our mobile marketing watch, it's the first to use both smartphones and your table top. We have seen quick response codes in games as well as outside of games for exclusive content, but this is the first instance where generating QR codes actually makes a game possible. Sure you can play Tetris on your phone or you can break out the old Trivial Pursuit and get to asking questions - but this here, this is the best of both worlds. How does it work? Each of the six codes features a different set of trivia questions. Simply roll the cube and scan the QR code that lands on top. Then pass it on to the next player. The first player to answer a question correctly from each category wins.

Still confused? TL;DR? Just watch the demo below.


The Codigo Cube is only $9.99 so it's the perfect stocking stuffer. Another benefit is that the Codigo Cube is pocket-sized. No longer will you need to lug a big board game box over to someone's get together only to have them bend the cards and spill a drink on the instruction booklet. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's disaster free. The dog could eat it. Or everyone could lower their opinion of you after seeing how dumb you are. Also, all of your players need to be using an Apple device or, if they have Android, be running version 2.2.2 or higher.

In other news, since Hurricane Sandy first tore through New Jersey and New York City, the Red Cross has been helping with relief. In addition to their now-standard text-to-donate campaign, the Red Cross (with assistance from ScanLife's QR code generator software) is generating QR codes so those of us who are able can scan to donate as well. It's certainly not the first time our mobile marketing watch has spotted quick response codes in the field of philanthropy, but that doesn't make it any less great. Learn more and scan the Red Cross QR code here. I encourage everyone to donate what they can.

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