The Ultimate Interactive Whiteboard Resource

Classroom Tips and Tutorials

  • Classroom Interactive Whiteboards: Sponsored by the US Department of Education, this page provides information on companies as well as tutorials, templates, and related software.
  • The SMARTBoard Way: A step-by-step guide for SMARTBoard users with Starter Activity, Workshop, Tutorials, Assignments, Ideas, and more.
  • SMARTBoard Set Up: In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up the projector and laptop, troubleshoot problems, connect to the iBook, orient the SMARTBoard, and more.
  • SMARTBoard Tutorials: Curry College provides tutorials on customizing the SMARTBoard, Introduction to SMARTBoard, Using the SMARTBoard, and so on.
  • Teaching with Interactive Whiteboard: Origo Education shows teachers how to prepare and use interactive whiteboards for their lessons.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Tips: Sponsored by the Dyslexia House Association, this page provides tips and ideas for teachers with a focus on children with dyslexia.

General Resources

  • Promethean Planet: Known as “The World’s Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community,” here you will find forums, the Teacher’s Lounge, plus other resources.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Lessons: Learning Today offers some high-quality interactive whiteboard lessons on various subjects for K-5 teachers.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Games: PBS Kids presents interesting games for K-8 teachers on Language Arts, Art, Math, and Social Science.
  • More Games: Here are more games for students from PreK-6 brought to you by Cyberkidz.
  • Competitive Games: Tutpup makes it possible for kids from around the world to compete against one another in math, spelling, and other subjects.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Resources: Topmarks Education offers a great collection of resources for teachers in math, science, biology, art, geography, physics, music, and more.
  • Smart Interactive Activities: The Copacabana Public School provides interactive activities for math, English, science, art, and music in 3 stages.
  • Brain Games: Here, you will find Game News, Brain Games, Beginner Games, Holiday Games, Puzzlers, Grab Bag Games, and more.
  • Educational Games: Sheppard Software offers math games, US geography games, science games, language arts games, chemistry quizzes, puzzles, and so on.
  • More Interactive Resources: BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. offer quizzes to be integrated into the classroom. Video tutorials are available.
  • Resources for Teachers: Teacher LED provides resources such as “Cube Tour,” “Pool Ball Challenge,” and more.


  • K-5 Resources: Math resources on counting, numeration, addition & subtraction, and more.
  • Number Resources: Here are some number interactive whiteboard resources such as “Barney Math,” “Starship Math,” and more.
  • Resources for Teaching Math: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics presents activities, lessons, links, and other resources for math teachers.
  • Brain Training Games: Math is Fun provides data games, puzzles, geometry games, and others.
  • Math & Science: Sponsored by the National Science Digital Library, the page offers activities, tools, lessons, discussions, and more.
  • Math Resources: Many math resources on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more by Cool Math 4 Kids.
  • Interactive Activities: Rainforest Maths presents interactive math activities for K-6 students.
  • Count Us In: ABC Australia offers various games on basic number concepts for elementary students.
  • Math Games: Try games like “Stingray Chaser,” “Math Fact Practice,” and “Seahorse Counting” by Play Kids Games.
  • Word Problems: Math Playground presents middle school math teaching videos on fractions, algebra, percentages, ratios, and more.
  • Math Lessons: Various lessons on geometry, measurement, probability, number sense, and utilities by Harvey’s Home Page.
  • Interactive Math: Great resource center for elementary and middle school teachers by Vectorkids.

Language Arts

  • Myths & Legends: Excellent story creating tool by E2BN.
  • Fairytale Land: Interactive resources on favorites like “Ugly Duckling,” “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and more.
  • Free Rice: Sponsored by the World Food Programme, the English vocabulary game allows players to help end world hunger.
  • Signed Stories: ITV presents many books in sign language and subtitles.
  • Vocabulary: Spelling City offers lots of learning activities and games for K-12 students plus other resources for educators.
  • Phonics: A systematic phonics approach by Starfall Education.
  • Visual Thesaurus: A great thesaurus tool for teachers and students.


  • Stellarium: This is an open source planetarium which offers 3D sky views.
  • Periodic Table of Elements: The Los Alamos National Laboratory provides an interactive periodic table for K-12 students.
  • Scale of the Universe: A great place for students to learn about the Universe.
  • Space: NASA presents lots of activities, games, and resources for science instructors and students.
  • Succeeding with Science: The NDA offers interactive science resources for students of all levels.
  • Science Resources: BP Educational Service offers teaching resources for primary, secondary, and college levels.
  • Virtual Cell: Includes the “Virtual Cell Tour” and other resources for teachers.
  • Microscopy: The page provides an overview of the light microscope.
  • Innerbody: Presented by HowToMedia, the page offers interactive tours of the skeletal system, digestive system, muscular system, and more.
  • Cells Alive: Interactive resources cover cell models, puzzles, meiosis, mitosis, and more.
  • Switcheroo Zoo: In this virtual zoo, students can learn all about animals.
  • Simple Machines: Edheads presents interactive lessons on simple and compound machines for K-6.
  • Yucky: Discovery Kids provides a fun place to learn about worms, roaches, and other yucky stuff.

Social Studies

  • Famous People: BBC makes it fun to introduce some famous people to early elementary kids.
  • Early America: A place to watch short films on significant events in American history.
  • American Centuries: The Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association presents interactive activities, lessons, and other resources.
  • Ben’s Guide: The US Government Printing Office presents lots of interactive resources on the US government for K-12 students.
  • Map Maker: Interactive map explorer by National Geographic.
  • Earth Cam: Live webcams from around the world.


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