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Instantly create just a few or even thousands of individual QwikTags, each one with it's own unique QR code, short URL, and text message code. With our system, you can even customize your QwikTag colors and
generate your own keywords.

Link your Qwiktags to your own specific web-based content, such as individual web pages, .pdf files, online videos, mobile apps, and more - all with just a few simple clicks. You can also, at any time, quickly and easily
change and edit your links.

Promote your QwikTags with intuitive tools that allow you to output and distribute your QwikTags in a number of useful formats such as, data/image file downloads for media, clickable links for social networking, and our
print-on-demand signs and labels.

Connecting with your mobile audience is never a missed opportunity with QwikTag. Your specified content is delivered, instantly, whenever your mobile audience interacts with your QwikTags via our patent pending
scan-click-text tagging system.

qr codes, short urls, and text messaging - fused into one

QR stands for Quick Response. This is aptly termed, as the QR code marketing phenomenon is based in the instantaneous delivery of information. The idea is simple: take a square, encoded image that can be read by any mobile scanner app (which are readily available for free), and put the “image-into-information” barcode technology historically used by retailers into the hands of the masses.

Short URLs are easy to type into a web browser for mobile users without scanner apps, and they're easy to write down or remember for users who do not have internet enabled mobile devices. Short URLs also eliminate the risk of broken links in email messages, and they're
easily shared via social media applications which limit the number of characters per posting, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The sms/text message platform remains an important avenue for connecting with interested customers who prefer a texting interface. With more than 80% of mobile device customers regularly using text messaging, this venue is an integral part of a successful, call to interactive action, mobile campaign. Your content is delivered via texted request, as potential leads are simultaneously generated.

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