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QwikTag plans are affordably priced and bundled to meet the needs of almost any business or cause. Each plan not only delivers a specified number of scan-click-text credits per month (with free roll-over), but also includes a variety of additional feature options including banner ads, mobile contact tools, text message keywords, and more.* Check out our flexible plans, which are strategically designed for initiatives with different scopes. Or, if you’re looking for a more customized, high-volume solution, we can help. Call us today, to speak with a QwikTag specialist, at 1-877-QWIKTAG (1-877-794-5824).

QwikTag Plan Highlights, Details
  • Customizable QwikTags
  • Scan-Click-Text Credits
  • QwikTag Mobile Pages
  • QwikTag Keywords*
  • QwikTag Logos/Images
  • QwikTag Contact/Share Tools
  • QwikTag Banner Ads*
  • Additional User Accounts*
Also Included with All QwikTag Plans
  • Free Roll-Over Scan-Click-Text Credits*
  • Full-feature QwikTag Management Platform
  • QwikTag Campaign/Event Scheduler
  • V1 QR Code Generator w/ Error Correction
  • Exclusive Do-it-yourself Print Interface
  • QwikTag Color Customizing Tools
  • Advanced Email, Download, Share Tools
  • Strategic Analytics, Reporting, Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • US Based Phone, Chat, Email Support
  • and more...
Additional QwikTag Services
  • Automation & Data Feed Solutions
  • Business System Integration Solutions
  • Contest & Promotional Solutions
  • Corporate Level, Enterprise Solutions
  • Custom Interface Branding Solutions
  • High-Volume QwikTag Solutions
  • In-House Print & Graphic Solutions
  • Management Interface Solutions
  • Payment Gateway/Transaction Solutions
  • Super Admin & White Label Solutions
  • and more...
*Not available with QwikTag Free Starter version.

general signup questions

Also check out our FAQ|Answers page for a detailed Q&A about the QwikTag system, applications, scaleabilty, and more.

What are "scan-view-text credits" and do my unused credits roll over from month to month?
Your mobile audience will access your QwikTag content either by scanning a QR Code, by typing in a short URL, or by sending a text message. Each time your QwikTag content is accessed, a scan-click-text credit is used. Unused credits roll over from month to month. This allows you to "bank" your credits for later use. *Roll-over not available with free accounts.

I'm not sure which QwikTag plan I should choose. Which would you recommend?
If you are unsure which QwikTag plan you should choose, we recommend that you sign up for our QwikTag "lite" plan. You can always purchase additional scan-click-text credits if you need them. Additional credits may be purchased in various package quantities and will roll over if unused. If you find yourself regularly purchasing additional scan-text-click credits, however, you should consider upgrading your account. The plan pricing is designed to give you the best deal we can offer. *Additional scan-text-click credits not available with free accounts.

I'm new to this. What if I need help?
We understand that mobile marketing, on the whole, is still pretty new to most people. We're here to help, and not just with how to use the QwikTag system. We can help you come up with ideas, develop your own QwikTag mobile campaigns, and more. Best of all, we're based right here in the United States - you can contact us by phone, email, or chat with us online.

Can I add more QwikTag tools such as: mobile web pages, keywords, image/logo uploads, contact tools, or banner ads?
Yes, for all pay accounts, these additional QwikTag tools may be purchased at any time. Additional QwikTags tools are priced at just $1.00 each per month, or $10 per year. Once purchased, you will have access to your additional QwikTag tools for as long as your QwikTag service remains active. If you find yourself regularly purchasing additional QwikTag tools, you should consider upgrading your account for the best pricing we can offer. *Additional QwikTag tools are not available with free accounts.

Can I upgrade my QwikTag account? If so, when?
Yes, your account may be upgraded at any time. It's easy and takes just a few moments.

Am I committed to any kind of term agreement or locked into a contract? Can I cancel?
The QwikTag service is offered on a month by month basis, you are not locked into any contracts, and you may cancel your QwikTag service at any time. If you do decide to cancel, just be sure to do so before your billing date. We cannot give partial month refunds.

Have a question about our plans, or about signing up for QwikTag, that you don't see here?
Send us an email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-877-QWIKTAG (1-877-794-5824). We're here to help.

No risk. No obligation. No term contracts or sign up fees. Cancel at any time.


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